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Financial Aid Program

“Today, most students from China’s remote mountainous areas come from families with poor economic backgrounds. Some have parents that either passed away or are disabled and do not have the ability to work. However, many of these students have a dream to work hard, achieve in school, and make a better life for themselves. Inspired by the love of Christ, the Go and Love Foundation created the Light the Way financial aid program so that we can expand these students’ dreams. We aim to not only support their academic progress but also love them and build relationships with them, so they too can light the way for others in need. We hope that this touches your hearts as much as it has touched ours. We urge you to partner with us so that more students can receive a higher education and be inspired to contribute to society!”
-Betty Chou, President

Let your light shine before others so that it may glorify our Father in heaven. -Matthew 5:16

Our Vision

We want to enable the youth in need with education, inspiring them to become the next generation of leaders so that they too may light the way for their communities.

What We Do

Financial Aid We provide tuition to underprivileged high school and college students in China.

2 Visits Per Year We build relationships, check their progress in school and inspire them to grow and mature.

Summer Home Visits We visit the students’ families and provide encouragement to their parents.


Who We Support

Underprivileged The students we support are from rural communities living in poverty. While some of their parents work as farmers, many have parents that are disabled or have passed away. Their parents’ combined annual income is significantly less than the costs of high school and college.

Goal Driven Despite their circumstances, these students are motivated to improve their situations. They are academically driven and have an average score of 85 or above.

Need for Opportunity Without help from our financial aid program, these students will not be able to continue in school.

Why Yunnan?

Underdeveloped In Yunnan, there are more people living in rural villages working as farmers than living in cities working in a variety of jobs.

Large ethnic minority population Yunnan has 26 out of the 56 listed ethnic minority groups in China, and many are living in poverty.

Education rate is low According to Go Kunming, only 6% of provincial residents received university diplomas.

The Cost

Take Action

This year, we want to support an additional 50 students!


Financial Support

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