Medical Services

  • Kumin Yunnan, China

The medical services we provide include leprosy rehabilitation and acupuncture treatment. Our team consists of one doctor, four nurses and one doctor’s assistant.






Lepers’ Rehabilitation

Our medical team collaborates with some local village doctors to visit four patients in need of special care at Fengqing, Guodazai and Nuoer rehabilitation villages. We listen to their concerns and make household tools that are comfortable for the lepers to use.






Free Acupuncture Clinical Service

We provide free acupuncture service to villagers in Dawen and Daliangzi villages of Shuangjian county, and Lingchang city. This service has helped people in great need. For example, one patient had severe feet and hand ulcerations and stayed in bed for five years.  Our medical team has been able to help this patient through acupuncture treatment to reduce the ulcerations.  Some other medical conditions we treated include schizophrenia and cerebral palsy.



Acupuncture Training

In order for medical treatments in villages to stay sustainable, we partner with villagers and teach them the knowledge and skills of acupuncture. The regular class has three parts with every part lasting 10 days and the class size is between 10-25 people. We hope that they can eventually earn a state license as an acupuncture professional.






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